Ad Reply Messages Ethics

Messages between advertisers and website visitors are considered very personal. MutualBargains does not watch or screen the messages between website users. However we reserve the right to delete or ban those who we believe to be misusing our classifieds ads system.

Follow the guidelines when contacting other users of website:

  1. Treat other website users with respect.
  2. Do not reply to ads with unsolicited opinions, comments, or judgements on the content of the ads.
  3. All replies to ads must be exactly about what the ad is offering.
  4. All replies regarding other commercial products and services offers are not allowed.
  5. Abusive ad replies are not permitted.
  6. Any replies containing hate speech or defamation are strictly prohibited.
  7. Supplying fake phone numbers is not permitted
  8. And those who are found to be doing so may lose the ability to use this website.

MutualBargains reserves the right to block such type of users to use MutualBargains classifieds ads system.

If you receive inappropriate reply then Contact MutualBargains support team through our contact page and report such activity immediately.